Terms and Conditions

Pickups at airports– This policy only applies to commercial airline flights. For pickups involving private jets, there is no free wait time policy at airports.

Domestic flights: first 30 minutes of wait time is free.

International flights: first 60 minutes of wait time is free.

Pickups excluding airports – At the initial pickup there is a 10 minute grace period. For example, if the scheduled pickup time is 6:00PM and the customer gets in the car at 6:07PM, there is no wait time charge due to the grace period. However, if the customer gets in the car at 6:14PM the entire 14 minutes of wait time is charged. Should luggage be lost please call the driver immediately. Your drivers phone number is given to you prior to the pick up. Should you need more the 30 min on international flights to pick up luggage, please account for that at the time of booking your reservation to avoid any additional charges. We  are not responsible for delays resulting in a no show. After 30 minutes from landing if no contact is made, reservation will be considered a no show. Baggage claim meet and greet fee are $ 20 plus parking fee.


Please be certain all flight, contact, and reservation information provided to us is accurate; we are not responsible if the arrival information provided to us is incorrect.


 Trip charges and additional fees are estimated and subject to final audit upon completion of reservation. POLICIES:Terms & Conditions/Reservation Agreement:

 Cancellation for stretch limousine/ and or vans or buses must be made a minimum of 14 days prior to the reservation for half charge and anything within 48 hours will be charged the full amount and are non-refundable

1) All Deposits are non-refundable 

 2) We are not liable for traffic Delays or mechanical breakdowns

3) Hourly rates apply after 25 min at residence and 1 hour at airport

4) Additional $50 fee for  these major holidays, July 4th, christmas day,new years eve,thanksgiving,labor day and memorial day.

5) Holidays will be given a minimum hourly requirement, when weather calls for heavy snow all jobs are billed as SUV jobs with minimum 4 hours nyc. Outside nyc 5 hours.

6) We are not responsible for personal items left in vehicle or damaged in vehicle.

7) Reservation automatically converts to a Suv job for more than 4 passengers or excessive luggage.

8) Morning reservations before 4:30am will have $25.00 added to the fare.

9) No cancellations will be accepted after 11:00pm for an early morning pick up that will occur the next day.  Any cancellations after this time will be charges at full fare.